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USSR insulators

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nice blue half transparent glass insulator

Authentic blue insulators made in 1960s

Produced by Neman glassware plant in Berezovka, Belarus

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ussr insulators on ebay

Glass & Porcelain Insulators

autumn insulator hunt

Glass insulators

Blue, green, clear, aqua glass insulators

russian antique porcelain insulator

Porcelain insulators

White and brown, with ink seals and different shape porcelain ceramic insulators

green ufo style glass insulator

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Buyer: 1***7 from USA


I really like the insulator top quality and the service great!!

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cobalt blue glass insulators

Blue glass insulators

Dark blue, medium saturated and light sky cobalt blue glass insulators Neman

Other glass insulators for sale

Other glass insulators

Green and aqua insulators, UFO-style insulators, different colors except blue

porcelain insulators for sale

Porcelain insulators

White and brown insulators, high-voltahe and small telephone & telegraph porcelain insulators

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