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  • 14.02.17, 01:52
    Earnest Griffin

    I am a collector of Russian insulators and I have about 250 glass
    insulators in my collection. I had a display at the 2016 National insulator show and I am to display at the 2017 National insulator show in July. I am looking for something different in color or style to add to my display. Would you have a list of insulators for sale
    Thank you
    Earnest Griffin

  • 20.02.17, 19:49

    Hello Earnest!

    I have your email and i will send you photos if find anything interesting. !

    Also here my list for sale!

  • 04.01.18, 01:26
    Earnest Griffin

    Dear Sir
    I am looking for a Russian suspension insulator.
    Thank you Earnest Griffin
  • 04.05.18, 18:07
    Earnest Griffin

    Dear Sir
    I like to get your permission to use the photograph of the insulators still on the cross arms on page 6 of your insulators photo.
    I would like to use in my display at the National Insulator show in June.
    Thank you Earnest Griffin4
  • 05.06.18, 20:44

    Of course, Earnest! You can use any photos from this site!
    Best regards!
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