How to transfer money to card of russian bank

how transfer money to sberbank card
If you sometime try to buy anything from Russia, especially on their inner auctions and online flea markets, you probably know that there are two main problems:

1. Conversation with russian seller to get his agree to send the goodies abroad
2. How to pay to seller from Russia

Of course, there are eBay and other world famous online marketplaces where ruskies  present with their items and stuff. But Russia is a huge country with enourmous uncovered yet unique authentic goods, especially for different collectors and treasure hunters for antique heritage of USSR (Soviet Union).

The most spread paymnet method between buyers and sellers inside the Russia it’s direct transfers to credit or debit card. Ususally it’s cards of Sberbank – the most huge russian bank.

And when you succesfully conversated with seller about international shipping from Russia the next thing which can destroy the bargin – it’s fast and suitable for all payment method. The Russian have not money orders. Also not each seller have good relations with PayPal.
Western Union and transfers to bank account are good enough except the need to go somewhere for you and oftenly the seller don’t want to go the bank office too.

Today you will know how the way to pay to russian card directly sitting on your chair.
All you need – your card and PC,laptop or smartphone.

transfer money to russian bank
Let’s me introduce such payment system like PAYEER, which allow transfer money to any card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) of any russian bank (Sberbank and others).
My Account Payeer

Step 1:
open the account at the (yes, this system support english language)
Additional video how to do it here:

Step 2:
fund your payeer account with your card (or via other online currency, even Bitcoin supported)

Step 3:
transfer money from your payeer balance to any russian bank’s card
Transfer money to any russian card

Here also explanatory video instruction:

That’s all, done!

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